Question and Answers

What you need to know about Kingdom Come Training and Coaching.


When can I register for trainings?

Registration for the upcoming month’s training classes is open from the 5th through the 25th of each month. During that period, students or agencies can register for classes scheduled for the following month. If the 5th or the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday, the period will open or close on the following business day.

Do you ever make exceptions by having classes on weekends or times not shown?

No. All classes are 2 hours a day for 10 days. See our registration page for dates and times for our upcoming classes. All times given are CST.

Can we substitute with another class if our schedule doesn’t allow for the 10 days at the same time?

No. Your secured seat and trainer is yours for the 10 days with you in mind.  The process needs a structured, consistent, safe learning environment.

I know ahead of time that I will have to miss one of the class sessions. It just can’t be helped. What happens then?

You must let your trainer know the first day of class. Together, a time for a one-on-one make up session will be scheduled and you will be billed for the additional time required in order to ‘catch you up’.

My wife and I are considering registering as a couple. Is the cost more for us to do this if we both register? 

No. We offer the training and the coaching at no extra cost for the spouse, knowing that the Lord’s call is on your combined lives, almost without exception and encourage you to experience this journey to full funding as a couple.

I don’t think I can afford training, coaching and accountability.

Weigh the cost of becoming fully funded against the cost of being under funded or even worse, chronically underfunded. By investing into yourself and your ministry using the KCT program, you could be fully funded in months instead of the current average of three and a half years. There is a great difference between cost and investment. The cost can be minimal, the investment can be eternal.


I am not sure if my agency is paying for my registration costs. Can I go ahead and register anyway?

Please contact your agency for that information before registering. Many agencies are set up to receive the billing. Yours may be one of them. If not, be prepared to include your payment at the time of registration.

My agency will be paying and the agency is new to KCT. How do I proceed?

If, when filling out your personal information on the Registration Page, you do not see your Agency listed, please have your agency contact us. We will need a contact person and information for our records.

What forms of payment does KCT accept and how do I make a payment? 

All payments are made through our online billing system. You will be prompted to set-up your account when you register for classes. You must pay the registration fee and set-up payment for coaching to complete the registration process.

How does KCT bill for monthly coaching?

For your convience, during registration, you will set-up recurring payments for coaching. Payment is due the 5th of each month. Please contact us if you have any questions.


What is the time commitment for the training?

Class is two hours a day for 10 days. Please note the dates and times of each training class as they vary to offer you multiple options to fit your schedule.  Training also requires an equal amount of time offline, building and practicing your ministry visit

Can I ever skip a day if it doesn’t work into my schedule?

This very specific training has minimal lecture time and is primarily focused on skill building. Each day is built from the preceding day. If a single day absolutely must be missed during the first two weeks, a makeup time can be scheduled with notification to the trainer on the first day of class. Make up sessions are $50 per hour, minimum 1 hour. The same answer applies for missed classes due to illness.

Is it ever okay to skip a day and get notes from another participant?

No. The training is similar to taking swimming lessons.  You need to be in the water practicing the strokes, not reading the instructions on how to swim.

What will we learn in training? Will we learn how to use the media when meeting with people?

We’ll take you back to the fundamental principles of friendship and personal relationship building that this generation craves. People spend hours every day looking at amazing media, with which you can’t begin to compete. Instead, harness the awesome advantage you have of being there in person, sharing your deepest passion face to face. Once you learn to do it well, the very best media cannot begin to compete with your heart felt ministry visit.

Can I get the training, but skip the coaching and accountability?

No. Our purpose is to help you get fully funded and stay fully funded as a way of life; therefore, we don’t do the training without the coaching.


Can I get the coaching and accountability, but skip the training?

No. Our purpose is to help you get fully funded and stay fully funded as a way of life; therefore, we don’t do the coaching without the training. Our coaching is specific to the training you receive. It is neither life coaching nor counseling. It is content loaded coaching.

Why do I need a KCT coach? I have friends, a pastor, an accountability partner who could encourage me through the process.

Our coaches help you continue in the process you have begun in training, allowing for results without getting off track. Any outside accountability partner will not have the specific training our coaches offer as they help you move quickly and capably to full funding and into partner maintenance.

What is KCT expectations for my commitment to coaching and accountability? 

Possibly a better question might be what is your commitment to full funding?
We see people cross that 100% line every week. With a sense of urgency on your part along with a willingness to believe Gods promises that He will supply your needs, you can be free to share and allow others to partner with you. If full funding is your goal, your level of commitment will be self-determined.

Technical Support

How does training by video work?

You will only need a computer with high-speed internet and webcam. Specific connection information will be provided after the registration process is complete and within 48 hours of your first class.
Your training will be conducted in a virtual classroom where you will be able to see and talk with each other as well as your trainer.

Specific Situations

To be honest, I’m really dreading having to raise my support.

Thank you for your honesty. Many feel that same way coming into their first day of training. Dread and fear will be addressed and a new, biblical direction will be offered. We will help you understand on a deeper level, through scripture, that God has promised that he is well able to meet our needs (2 Corinthians 9:8). If God has obligated himself to meet your needs, why must you go through the trauma of ‘raising support’?

​The KCT answer is that it’s all about the need of the church, and of individual believers to connect with a major purpose for their redemption: being the expression of Christ to the nations. The greatest kind of love you can express to friends, family and fellow believers is to share your vision and connect them with the joy, the blessing and the eternal reward of obedience to Jesus final words.

We at KCT believe with all our hearts that when ‘fund raising’ becomes ‘partnership building’, your experiences change and joy will become a constant companion during this process.

We’ve been speaking in churches for three years, exhausting our finances and stressing our family, but we are still sitting at 50 percent.

Churches are overwhelmed with requests and the sad statistical facts are that only one in nine churches you speak with will produce one new commitment at an average of $50 per month. Mathematically, if you speak to one church a week it will take about 20 years to raise the average missionary budget.  Even so, we at KCT still recommend that you take every opportunity to speak in churches. They desperately need your vision.

Can we get the training and raise support while we are on the field?

Do you have access to high speed internet? If so, you can join a course and get the training, coaching and accountability wherever you are, your location need not be an issue. You can then begin your partnership development while in the field. Modern technology will be something your coach will guide you through during the process, and available resources will be discussed.

I’m a little uncomfortable going one-on-one with people.

You may not be completely comfortable, no matter the situation. Picture a recent time when you got together with a friend or a couple just to swap stories and enjoy the fellowship. That can very possibly be a true picture of what your partnership development experience will be like. By praying before each visit, the Holy Spirit will be preparing the hearts of those who will be listening to your stories and hearing the heart of your passion.

I don’t believe in asking for support in my first meeting with someone. I believe I should build a relationship first.

We agree that a relationship needs to be created before asking for any kind of commitment. By being honest while setting up the visit, whether it be a phone call or another means, trust will be allowed to grow as you share your stories as you spend time together. One of the reasons people take so many years to become effective through full funding is that they look for creative ways of procrastinating. We’ll help you be honest, up front, doing your part and letting the Holy Spirit do His part. People need to hear the gospel now, not 3-4 years from now.

I don’t believe in high-pressure tactics.

Good. We don’t teach high-pressure tactics. We teach you to follow Jesus’ example. You come to us for help because you need ‘money’. Our goal in KCT is that you leave us fully funded, knowing that partnership development is really not all about money about building partnerships, allowing others to be a part of what you are doing through your vision, and by receiving their own eternal rewards in the process (Philippians 4:17).

We are home-assigned and my spouse must work an outside job to help pay bills. Are we unique?

No. ​This issue has been discussed with dozens of mission agencies and the problem is pandemic. The majority of home assigned people, numbering in the thousands, struggle to survive far below their minimum budget. One person recently confessed, “I’m 54 and scared of getting old. We don’t have insurance, no retirement fund and we both have to work second jobs in order to survive.”

Good news! Our results see that ‘poverty cycle’ broken over and over with Full Funding as a way of life being the answer.

We completed KCT a few years ago and reached full funding. We’ve recently had some changes in our budget and found the accountability coaching to be very helpful last time. Can we get coaching again?

Yes. Go to the registration page and register for a refresher. A trainer will contact you and set-up at least one appointment to refresh your ministry visit. Once your ministry visit is up to date, you will be connected with an accountability coach.