Our Team

Meet the people that will help you reach your goals.

Jerry Long – Founder

Founder, Jerry Long went to home to Jesus April 13, 2016. Though he is not here in person, his legacy lives on through the mentoring, videos and writing he has left for those of us who are here to carry on.

Jerry Long was a visionary. When God gave him a dream he grabbed it with his big hands and wouldn’t let go. He would find people who could share that dream, ask for God’s blessing, add hard work, and in time it would become a reality.

Jerry served 43 years with Wycliffe Bible Translators as a Journalist, Administrator and International Training Consultant. For many of those years he traveled the world, developing a process of training missionaries to rapidly build financial partnerships. In 2007, after retiring from Wycliffe, he founded Kingdom Come Training (now KCT/APD) to help equip faith workers achieve full funding fast using live, interactive videoconferencing.

He often said, “Nothing excites me more than having a part in equipping and releasing a generation of fully funded witnesses for Christ on our world.”

Lady Carol Long – President/CEO

Lady Carol Long brings 40+ years of personal experience as leader, trainer, motivator and mentor in a Fortune 500 Company. As President and CEO of KCT/APD since 2008, she introduced the concept and strategy of coaching and accountability, completing the program offered today.

In the time of crisis Mordecai said to Esther – his cousin, adopted daughter, & queen –
“Maybe God put you here for exactly this moment, for such a time as this.” Esther 4:14

“I believe with all my heart that KCT/APD is here for such a time as this. We cannot be silent! If we do not do our part, God will surely find another way to bring relief and deliverance for this time in history. Missionaries, leaders, teachers, all faith workers, need to be fully funded so they can focus on their calling instead of worrying about their finances.

God has shown us a path that, when followed, leads to 100% funding and freedom to do His bidding. Each of us must do our part to take the message of the risen Christ to the nations.

We are all in, and we are here for you!

Our Team

As Trainers, the process of moving from fear to faith, from doubt to belief, from concern to confidence, from ‘my need’ to inviting others to partner with me, will all begin the very first day in the program, in your online classroom.

As Coaches, it is their purpose to walk with you on this journey until you’ve reached your destination, FULLY FUNDED as A Way Of Life! You will meet weekly with your coach in a safe environment where your coach will help you move from where you are to where you would be….. if God could not fail.

Norlan De Groot – Trainer

Norlan have been with KCT/APD as a Training since 2014. He is a certified teacher, received his BA in communication and journalism and has a Master of Divinity Degree. He has produced seminary-level bible lessons for distribution around the world to help train indigenous church leaders and has written scripts for multimedia bible lessons. When he isn’t training missionaries to reach full funding he works with an international seminary to train pastors in sound theology, right where they live. Norlan and his wife live in Iowa with their two sons and two daughters.

“There is a reason the Great Commission wasn’t called the ‘Great Suggestion.’ We all have a role to play in fulfilling it, and we’re all called to be faithful to that role. For my part, I can think of no better way to support the fulfillment of the Great Commission than to help missionaries get to full funding fast. I used KCT/APD training and coaching to raise up my own partnership team. I can tell you from personal experience, KCT/APD training and coaching works!”

Cheyenne Bodie – Trainer

Cheyenne is a missionary serving with International Gospel Outreach for the past 16 years. He has a well-established work in Nicaragua, training leaders, planting churches and working with a broad range of social issues. Cheyenne and his family currently reside in Florida, traveling to Nicaragua on a regular basis.

“After serving more than 16 years as a non-resident missionary to Nicaragua we learned about and received the training offered by KCT. I knew immediately that this was the answer for missionaries to resolve the challenges of being fully funded for the mission that we have all been called to. There simply is no better feeling than knowing that as a trainer with KCT, we are equipping and connecting partners for the Kingdom.”

Dr. Cal Habig – Trainer

Cal is the newest trainer with KCT/ADP. He has served in pastoral ministry for over thirty years including various forms of cross-cultural ministry. He holds his Doctor of Ministry degree and teaches at both the college and seminary level. He is a certified coach with the International Coach Federation and does coaching with Christian leaders in various parts of the world.  He and his wife life in Portland, OR.
“The KCT/ADP training is, I believe, given by God to not just get missionaries and Christian workers funded, but to change the heart of the church toward its participation in the Great Commission. The excitement in the students when they “get it” and the excitement in we as trainers and coaches when we see them reach 100% funding is contagious.”

Kim Ramsey – Coach

Kimberly has been actively involved with KCT/APD as a coach since 2008. Kim brings a degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia, along with years of experience in training, coaching, and leading teams for growth and development. She has also helped raise up partnership teams for ministry preparation. Kim has a well-proven background helping people push beyond their comfort zones by powerfully encouraging them to be all they are created to be. Kim lives in Southern California.

“I am so blessed on a daily basis with what I do for a living. I love the Lord and I love working with, motivating and encouraging people throughout their partnership journey, as they walk fully into the Lord’s calling on their lives.”

Beth Bilby – Coach

Beth has been a coach with KCT/APD since 2009. She is a certified coach with I.C.F., affiliated with Coach Approach Ministries, and has served as US Director of Interlink Resource, Inc., including helping establish it as a Humanitarian Aid company in South Central Asia. These experiences have deepened Beth’s passion in helping others “achieve forward movement.” Beth and her husband live in Indiana, have three children and are grandparents.

“KCT/APD brings training and coaching together to launch people into ministry. We are passionate about partnership development and offering opportunities to fulfill the Great Commission. As a coach it is very exciting to come along side people as they move forward in their calling and spiritual journeys.

Hannah Benedict – Coach

Hannah’s work as an educator and coach is grounded in equipping people with tools needed for success. To each coaching relationship she brings her grace, peace and strength as she highlights the God given strengths each client has to do the work God has called them to. Hannah has a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and is a Certified PCI Parent Coach®.

“What a delight to partner with missionaries as they build their team of ministry partners. The work of Partnership Development is full of growth as people step fully into the life and calling God has for them and it is my privilege to walk along side them in this journey.”