Our Program

Helping you find direction while getting fully funded.

Step 1: Training

Classes are 90 minutes per day (Monday-Thursday) for three consecutive weeks through interactive online videoconferencing, accessible most anywhere in the world.

Jesus modeled storytelling to reveal His message. Our KCT Trainers are skilled at equipping faith ministry workers to use Jesus’ model for sharing their ministry through their own personal stories.

Step 2: Coaching

Convenient 30-minute weekly online coaching sessions are scheduled until 100% funded.

Coaching is a safe and sacred place that offers encouragement through the joys and challenges, remaining others focused with proven strategies to set and maintain goals.

Our highly trained and committed coaches have an in-depth knowledge of what it will take and how to best help you progress through the partnership development process and achieve full funding quickly.

Step 3: Accountability

Accountability moves clients from where they are to where they want to be – fully funded – with a deeper passion to fulfill God’s calling upon their lives.

KCT/APD coaches offer an account giving relationship. We hold everyone accountable to the standards they and their agencies themselves set, thereby allowing them to push through their fears and creative procrastination into courage in their individual partnership ministry and ultimately to full funding.

The Process

Introduction & Direction:
Set up coaching.
​Week 1 – Week 4.
*0% funded to 49% funded.

Momentum vs. Stall:*50% funded – 74% funded

Resourcing — Commitment:
Resourcing current partners.

​ *75% funded to 99% funded.

Maintenance – What’s Next? 
Partnership care.
100%ers (by invitation only)


*Percentages may vary


"We loved the training and the modules but the key for us was meeting weekly with our coach. We are very motivated people and yet we needed weekly coaching and account-ability. We can't imagine how others less driven could do this without a coach."

"It is so important to be able to tell your story in a very concise and yet exciting way. If you practice, you can get your point across with POWER in only 2 minutes."

"This training has been such a blessing. I always knew that God gave these experiences to me for my benefit, but it makes so much sense that He would use them to encourage His body to be involved in what He is doing around the world."

"As our pre-field time progressed our thinking changed from selling ourselves to getting people behind a vision. We also changed our terminology from funding and finances to partnering and investing."

"I just want to say 'thank you.' Today I spent my afternoon sitting in the ICU with one of our partners whose son is probably not going to make it. Without the new awareness of this being a relational partnership, I would have missed the blessing I received today."