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Proven Program

At KCT we're not about theory and training on things we think may work. Our program is based on decades of proven methods that have consistently worked over time. We can say confidently that our program works.

Training Flexibility

News flash: Geography is now irrelevant. KCT, using the combination of multipoint videoconferencing and Skype, can bring relaxed, skill-oriented training and low-cost professional coaching to your home, your office, often even to your field location. There is no travel involved so we can spread your initial 18 hours of training over three weeks and not interrupt your school or work schedule.

"Twenty-one days doth a habit make"

You Come First

At KCT, we love success. We believe to be successful in ministry, we need to make others successful. Our goal is to be as committed as you are in achieving your goals. We are with you on your journey until you reach your destination. You come first because at the end we want to celebrate your impact on the world.

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who usually do."